More Problems Installing Speakup

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Mar 2 17:23:48 EST 2003

When you run the checkout script, it expects to find a directory
/usr/src/linux.  Now that most recent kernels go into a directory
including the version number like linux-2.4.20, you would need to
create a symbolic link pointing linux to linux-2.4.20.  I did this
very step just the otherday and the checkout script went fine.  The
result of running the script will patch the actual speakup directories
within the linux source tree and not the speak-1.0 source.  

Now if you used CVS to download the entire patch collection instead of
running the checkout script, then you would put that directory (say
speakup-1.0.cvs for example) then run the install script from inside
the new speakup directory.  In any case, the patches are applied
directly to the linux source code itself.

After all that:) just run the usual 'make config' step like you always
do for a kernel compile.
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