Speakup Bugs

Luke Davis ldavis at shellworld.net
Sat Mar 1 02:07:36 EST 2003

Here are some further potential bugs.

1.  If you backspace [at the shell prompt], while parked, it will not
speak the deleted characters, but will instead speak [maybe], the
character on which the reading cursor is located (after).

2.  It says "zepthd", or something such as that, when you read or press a

3.  While using the dec express, and having Speakup spell a word in all
caps, or some caps and some other types, it will read the first two or so
letters, say "command error in string value", one or more characters
further, and later, depending on whether the word/acronym/etc., is short
or long, "command error in parameter", followed by maybe some numbers or
the like. I think this is the dec's bug, but speakup's problem, in the way
it is sending data to the DEC.

4.  In the todo file, it suggests that a good new feature, would be to
check parck status and store it, before doing a console switch.  This
appears to work now.


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