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Luke Davis ldavis at
Sat Mar 1 01:46:36 EST 2003

I was trying to figure out how to do that earlier, with no luck, short of
rewriting many many many things.

Once I dig into the source, however, I'll see if I see anything that makes
it easier than I think it will be.

Something along these lines was mentioned in one of the todo files, so
they may already be working on this.

This is less interesting to me right now, for personal reasons.  In all
the years I have had on screen readers, for the functions that Speakup
currently, and is expected to, provide(s), this wouldn't be of too much
use.  If I want to hear most punctuation, I rarely want to hear less,
unless I am reading fiction, or something of the like, in which case I
just disable those anoying punctuations.  If we were dealing with screen
windows, bar tracking, and other such interesting things that Speakup
doesn't even seem to be planning to do, then maybe; but I just don't see
the value of it yet, except as a very high end convenience.  However,
that's just me, and I do realize that it should be possible at some point.


On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Janina Sajka wrote:

> I think one clever enhancement for future Speakup versions would be to
> have application specific voicings enabled. As Chuck points out, it's
> easy enough to add chars to /proc/speakup/punc_most and
> /proc/speakup/punc_some, but the results are global across all consoles
> and running applications.
> It would be clever and useful to facilitate particular settings for
> particular programs. So, in Luke's case, he would have the plus sign
> spoken by Pine, but not by Lynx in another console, for instance.
> Chuck Hallenbeck writes:
> > From: Chuck Hallenbeck <chuckh at>
> >
> > Speakup presently allows punctuation level to be set at none,
> > some, most, or all. The some and most levels can be configured by
> > the user to include or exclude whatever he or she wishes. You
> > select the level by writing a number to /proc/speakup/punc_level,
> > and you can edit and rewrite the some and most strings to that
> > directory too. I am not sure what other functionality would be
> > added by Luke's suggestions. Maybe I am misunderstanding
> > something, but it seems to me the existing features will do
> > pretty much whatever one wishes.
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