Silencing fetchmail

Alex Snow alex_snow at
Mon Jan 20 10:44:47 EST 2003

It's now disabled system wide.  Your right it is kinda useless.

eOn Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 09:20:24AM -0600, Adam Myrow wrote:
> Yeah, it's called biff and for some stupid reason, it gets turned on by
> default.  You can get rid of this annoyance as follows.  As root, edit
> /etc/profile and fine the following lines.
> if [ -x /usr/bin/biff ]; then
>  biff y
> fi
> Either delete them, or add a number sign in front of each  so that they
> look like this.\
> #if [ -x /usr/bin/biff ]; then
> # biff y
> #fi
> Another way is to put "biff n" as the last line of your .profile or
> .bash_profile, but since this is an absolutely useless and annoying
> program, I prefer to disable it systemwide.  It is the first thing I do
> when I install a fresh copy of Slackware.
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