fetchmail devlivery success tnx Chuck

Scott Howell showell at lrxms.net
Sat Sep 28 21:48:56 EDT 2002

You could very well put the password in there, but I imagine the big
problem here is no ability to force your isp to use some form of security
for passwords unless they use apop or pop3 with ssl. Should be an option
in any case.

I wonder better yet if you have an account on box X for example, your
user account has the user name of user name and the account password is
fubar, then I wonder if there would be a means to use itsfubared as a
mail password instead. The purpose of this would be that is you only had
pop3 which would transmit your password in cleartext, then using an
alternate password would at least provide you a means to protect your
account, but yet still retrieve your mail from where.
I imagine if you had a spare box and dedicated it to mail it would be all
good, but well that might be the case. Any thoughts folks?

On Sat, Sep 28, 2002 at 05:41:17PM -0400, Igor Gueths wrote:
> Hi all. Well in my case, fetchmailrc is nowhere to be found so gotta
> create it manually. However I already have a checkmail script that can run

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