question about microsoft and linux

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It is a version of DOS made originally by Novell, who became Caldera, I
think, and then part of that became Lineo.  In any case, DR DOS, most
recently produced by Lineo, was developed until very recently.

It is fully DOS compatible, but has its own TCP/IP stack, and a number of
networking utilities.  It also has much more hardware support than DOS did.
It also supports multi-tasking, and I believe it is 32-bit.  It is able to
be installed on a FAT32 filesystem, and can recognise long filenames.  I'm
not sure, but I don't think it is restricted by MS-DOS's memory limitations.
It also has a nice boot loader which supports Linux and many other operating

That is a very very quick summary of DR Dos, but you should probably do a
search on Google for more information.

Saqib Shaikh

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	What is DR-Dos ver 7.03 and how does it work in comparison to MS-Dos?

-- charlie Crawford.

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