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Hi Ross:
If you are using loadlin, you should be able to put that command right on
the loadlin command line.
I'd write a batch file and just add that to the command line.
Lilo boots directly from your hard drive and Loadlin, as you well know
boots from a command line.
Hope this helps

On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Ross Eadie wrote:

> Hi folks,
> gotta love those newbees.  If one has a driver for a particular piece of
> hardware, what directory do you place the file.  The reason I ask has to do
> with a problem I am having with and Adaptec aha1540c/1542c SCSI adapter.  I
> went to the Adaptec web site to find that the drivers available for Linux
> are starting at kernal version 2.4.XX.  After searching the web for a
> couple of hours, I discovered a parameter to set the cards variables
> confirmed in the parms list of the Loadlin documentation
> (aha1542=0x330,11,0,?).  I am running slackware kernal 2.2.20.  It still
> does not work.  there was reference to putting in the lines in a file
> called lilo.conf, but I could not find this file under the directory
> structure of zipspeak.  File find does not find any file starting with
> lilo.  My questions are as follows:  Does the driver belong under the
> following directory, and is the driver file name as below?
> lib/modules/2_2_19.{__/scsi/aha1542_.{_d
> thanks for any assistance.  I could just keep reading for a couple of weeks
> if there is no answer.
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