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Gregory Nowak greg at
Wed Oct 16 22:36:10 EDT 2002

I knew about single, but I didn't know about emergency. 
Are there any others?


On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 09:14:41PM -0500, Adam Myrow wrote:
> The safe install (or automatic) uses a very long delay.  The trick without
> going through the whole thing again is to use a text editor and edit
> /etc/lilo.conf.  There will be a line saying "delay=1000" or some number.
> The delay is in tenths of seconds apparently, as when I had selected a 5
> second delay, it put in delay 50.  Anyway, if you just want to boot
> without any pause at all, you could use 0 as the delay value.  I suggest a
> short pause in case you have to type something.  For example, hold down
> the shift key during the pause and type "Linux single" and you would boot
> in single user mode which is designed for maintenance because it doesn't
> run most of the startup scripts and leaves networking off.  Even more
> extreme is "Linux emergency" which basically drops you at a shell prompt
> without running anything but the bare bones.  So, a 5 second delay is
> about right for me.  By the way, after editing the configuration file, you
> would type "lilo" to reinstall Lilo.  The other option is to just type
> liloconfig and you would start over with the interactive Lilo setup.  Good
> luck.
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