new accent sa and new accentpc units available

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed Oct 16 15:08:24 EDT 2002

Hi Folks: Phil Hall just sent me this note and I figured I'd send it
on to the list. You should respond to him if you are interested.


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From: philwh at
To: Kirk Reiser <kirk at>
Subject: new accent sa and new accentpc units available

I don't know if anyone on the speakup mailing list would be interested,
and since I am currently not on that list
because for some reason, earthlink won't send my
messages to the list.
If you think anyone would be interested int he following info,
please pass it on to whom ever.

The person the invented the accent sa and accent pc has
15 accent sa and 100 accent pc units available.
they are new.
he wants to get rid of them cheap.

if he can't sell them, he will donate them to a local agency that will probably
use them for parts.

accentsa units, less than $100, and accent pc less than $40.

this would include shipping.

if anyone is interested,, please contact me and I will pass ont he info.

many thanks

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