8.0 problems.

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I guess the ultimate question becomes:  are we losing any real material by 
having LILO dropped and use grup?

What is the advantages and disadvantages for using LILO?  grup?  How would 
that impact us - at install time?  day-to-day operations?

You can't please everybody so if the action make more people happier than 
upsetting then I guess you have made the right decision to execute that 
particular action.  Likewise, if more people are upsetted by your action 
than those who are 'for'the change then you might want to look at why it is 


At 06:03 PM 10/6/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi, there seams to be some grumbles about what Red Hat has done in the 8.0
>release. i can say that each change was necessary, and each does have some
>rational decisions behind them.
>As for mp3 support you all know about the legal restrictions, and Red hat as
>well as Mandrake are going to leave that hot potato alone. If you really
>want to play mp3's install real player 8, and trplayer and go to town.
>The clock speed again was necessary for faster systems, because 100 really
>slowed newer computers down. This is basically a pesky problem which can be
>fixed simply by dropping a couple of lines in the rc.local file.
>As for removing lilo believe me they have special reasons for moving to
>First reason is that Red Hat has had several complaints during upgrades from
>7.3 to 8.0 lilo did not update properly, and this has happened before. The
>users who chose grub did not have this problem.
>In other cases some hard drives you must choose force lba32 to get lilo to
>work properly where grub again does not require that.
>Also when installing new kernels you all know you need to type lilo to get
>the new settings. Grub doesn't require you to do anything special.Just edit
>the grub.conf file, and it is set.
>I believe several months back Janina and I had a discussion over weather
>grub or lilo is more accessible. I found out that grub can be made to make a
>bell sound as soon as the menu appears so it is equally as accessible as
>So really loosing lilo isn't all that bad as it may at first seam.
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