Network card problems

Alex Snow alex_snow at
Sat Oct 5 19:21:12 EDT 2002

I just got rid of dhcp, and have assigned all computers on the network,
including the linux box, ip addresses.  I reran netconfig and gave it the
new ip address, netmask, and gateway.  Now when I type ifconfig I see the
the net address is, that's what I assigned it.  Only problem
is I still have no network support.  I can't ping the box, and I can't
connect to my router using lynx.  Could there be some configuration on the
card that is messed up? Someone suggested that I run isapnp, but the card
seems to be detected fine.
Explorer has caused a general protection fault in module kernel32.dll. I'm
sick of Winblows!
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> If you can, tell us what happens during bootup with DHCP.  It should say
> something like "attempting to configure eth0 by contacting a DHCP server."
> Next, the DHCP command is supposed to report back what it gets.  If you
> never see the "attempting to configure eth0" message, rerun netconfig and
> make sure you selected DHCP.  DHCP is the second choice, static IP is the
> first.  DHCP only asks if you need to supply a hostname, and most of us
> don't.  It mentions that Cox at home is an exception where you need to
> supply a hostname to DHCP.  Like I said, the card is definitely
> functioning.  Good luck
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