Speakup Working on a DEC Alpha

Janina Sajka janina at cantata.rednote.net
Fri Nov 29 21:56:46 EST 2002

For the record I am pleased to report that I have Speakup working like
the champ it is on a DEC Alpha Station 200 (Avanti). There is no video
in this machine, so Linux is using the dummy video driver. I am running
Speakup through an internal Doubletalk card. The kernel is 2.4.20,
released yesterday.

Kirk and others on this list will recall that this is a very old project
of mine. It's delightful to have success at last, lo these many years
later. The theory was always correct, as it transpires, if the
execution was circumlocutious.

Thanks to Kirk, and more recently Frank and Bill for all the help
getting this non-Intel platform working.

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