Laptops for less with serial ports

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The other good thing about the IBM Thinkpad series is that their hardware 
is well supported by Linux which is an important consideration.  Many 
laptops these days come with somewhat proprietary hardware that the 
manufacturers have not released Linux drivers for etc.

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>You can still get DB9 serial ports on laptop computers. You can't
>usually get them on the ultra-thin models, though. I am currently
>looking myself, and a serial port is a must. I will most likely stick
>with IBM and get a Thinkpad T30 this time around at around $2.6K. It has
>a serial port
>If I were you, I'd seriously consider an IBM reconditioned Thinkpad.
>There is a 3 month waranty on them--certainly long enough to find out if
>any part is bad. For example, you can get a T22, with serial port,
>modem, ethernet, two pcmcia, etc. for under $1K. See:
>Careful. This url will almost certainly wrap.
>PS: For the last two years I've bee4n running around with a Thinkpad t20
>that we paid $3,500 for. Now they're selling reconditioned for about
>$700. Mine is still good. It's not broken at all. That's not the reason
>I'm upgrading. And, I've been all over the planet with it.
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