Distro Question

Glenn Ervin glennervin at cableone.net
Sat Nov 23 16:44:28 EST 2002

I still have not decided which distro to use.
I am not afraid of any type being difficult.
I am simply wanting the most capable distro for using on a current system.
256 MB ram, P5 1.7 GB processor.
I plan on duel-booting with Linux having its own HD.
I have read some documentation on the differences, but I am still left
It seems that Debian, RedHat, and Slackware are the distros of choice.
Can anyone give me any ideas?
I plan on doing much audio (MP3) stuff, and much e-mail, & internet
I hope to be able to set up lilo to let me select between windows or Linux,
or I will set up a floppy for this option.
Thanks for any input.

"Live long and prosper",
O. Glenn Ervin (Lenny)
Northeast Nebraska
glennervin at cableone.net
The above address can also be found on MSM.
or my work e-mail:
gErvin at ncbvi.state.ne.us

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