Partitioning a hard drive

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Sat Nov 23 16:04:10 EST 2002

Your 8 gigabyte drive will do perfectly well. However, partitions of no
moe than 80 megabytes and 500 megabytes, while perhaps appropriate,
sounds wrong. If that's what they're saying, you might need to look at a
more recent document.

May I shumbly suggest:

It's slightly out of date, but I suspect not as far out of date as what
you seem to be reading.

PS: What's out of date about our HOWTO is only that you no longer need
to get the Speakup Modified. Rather, you can now use stock Red Hat media
or iso images. The rest is still very appropriate.

Glenn Ervin writes:
> From: "Glenn Ervin" <glennervin at>
> I was just reading on a how-to page about getting ready for installing
> Linux.
> It mentions partitioning a hard drive, and I wanted to get some feed back on
> whether any of you wish you had done it differently.
> I have a second hard drive, which I intend on dedicating totally to Linux,
> drive D, which is 8 GB in size.
> >From what I read, it seems that I want at least 3 primary partitions.
> Unless I am mistaken, I want one to be no more than 80 MB, and one no more
> than 500 MB.
> * Should I have 4 primary partitions?
> P.S., I still have not decided which distro I am going to use, and I am
> about to get to that part of the documentation.  I am considering Emacspeak
> for the speech part.
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