Partitioning a hard drive

Glenn Ervin glennervin at
Sat Nov 23 15:29:23 EST 2002

I was just reading on a how-to page about getting ready for installing
It mentions partitioning a hard drive, and I wanted to get some feed back on
whether any of you wish you had done it differently.
I have a second hard drive, which I intend on dedicating totally to Linux,
drive D, which is 8 GB in size.
>From what I read, it seems that I want at least 3 primary partitions.
Unless I am mistaken, I want one to be no more than 80 MB, and one no more
than 500 MB.
* Should I have 4 primary partitions?
P.S., I still have not decided which distro I am going to use, and I am
about to get to that part of the documentation.  I am considering Emacspeak
for the speech part.

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