accent and speakup

Scott Howell showell at
Fri Nov 22 22:47:24 EST 2002

Ok, I know I already asked this question, but here it is a little 
I am using the internal Accent pc as an external. What I am wondering is 
how to keep from having a rather lengthy delay in speech after a key 
press if I turn the synth off and then back on.
This happens regardless if I "kill" SPeakup with the kill key or just 
use insert enter key to turn it off. I have to reboot the box in order 
to get the synth to respond normally.
I want to do this so I can take the synth to other boxes etc.
Is there a reason this happens with the Accent, but not my Doubletalk 
external? Is there some way of dealing with this? pressing keys on the 
keyboard before turning the speech back on has no affect.


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