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	I hope this red flag that I have been carrying around turns out to 
be not needed.  I would like nothing more than to agree with you.  

	If the console is not going away, then will the apps be able to be 
run from the console?  If so, then I am a happy guy and if not, then my 
concern remains that development will happen for X and leave the consol 
to those who don't mind using older programs and those who still like 

	As I say, I am more than happy to agree with you and my only point 
is to emphasize that we need to be vigilant about this and make sure the 
community understands it.  There are already programs that will not run at 
the console level and I am hoping that is a fluke rather than a trend.  
Sure, programers can open the source code and re-engineer the program to 
work at the console level, but who will do it?

	so the strategy must be to always remind the teams doing X 
development that there are console users who need the access.  Some may 
migrate to X just as there are many blind folks who say windows is now as 
accessible as DOS used to be.  To some extent that is true, but what 
access there is relies upon a fragil and cost intensive environment.  How 
much money are blind folks having to fork out just to keep up with the 
latest rease of whatever?

-- charlie.

ps:  I hope you are not viewing this as an attack since it is only a 

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Janina Sajka wrote:

> I really don't know what to say, Charlie. Seems that whatever I say
> doesn't register, and we comeback around to this same, nonspecific,
> dread.
> So, at the risk of revisiting the same discussion as we've had on
> several occassions in the past on this list:
> 1.)	The console is not going away.
> 2.)	Mozilla includes support for accessibility, both in its Win and
> Linux/Unix versions.
> 3.)	Gnopernicus will support Mozilla. There's a team of some 12
> engineers working specifically on Mozilla accessibility.
> Charles Crawford writes:
> > From: Charles Crawford <ccrawford at>
> > 
> > Janina,
> > 
> >         I read your message and I felt the shudder of dread that I 
> > remember when windows first became accessible.  It's a double edged 
> > sword.  I hoep we do not allow the console to go the way DOS did.  The only 
> > encouraging thing o that fron that I have heard in a real ong time is the 
> > note the other day about .netserver with text based and command line driven 
> > utilities.
> > 
> > -- chrlie.
> > 
> > At 12:23 PM 11/18/02 -0500, you wrote:
> > >Kenny Hitt writes:
> > >> From: Kenny Hitt <kennyhitt at knology.
> > >> I currently have lynx, w3m, and
> > >> links installed. ... Maybe someone can figure out a way to combine them
> > >> all into one mega browser.
> > >
> > >Well, hold on to your hat. Once we have gnopernicus, we'll be adding
> > >Mozilla to the list.
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