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Tue Nov 19 00:34:41 EST 2002

Sorry to the seller for this but,
i feel the need to warn the rest of the community, these are the single most unreliable, badly designed, and generally faulty notebook on the market bar none.
I was unfortunate enough to get saddled with one of these beasties a few years ago and had everything go wrong with it
from the paint on the front of the machine literally dissolving (no, I'm not kidding, put them in a hot climate and they fall to pieces),
to the fan failing (lifting the keyboard and starting it with one's finger was the solution to that one).
to the guides on the pcmcia slots, and subsequently the slots themselves breaking (shitty plastic design wwith the bottom card poking half out of the machine),
to my network card refusing to hold up the link unless the machine was plugged in or the card was earthed (who would design an all metal pcmcia card?)
This model might have fixed some of these problems, its newer than mine, mine was a pentimedia II,
but I wouldn't deal with dual if I was given a a machine to work with (which you don't need to worry about because they're out of business now, so you can forget getting those hard drives fixed unless you want to try to convince the manufacturers to do it).
My advice... DON'T DO IT!
On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 12:21:32AM -0500, Patrick Turnage wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm posting this here because the machine is completely Linux compitable,
> and it needs to be sold to someone who has time to fool with it.
> Notebook for Sale
> Dual technologies mva6690 Multimedia notebook
> Specifications
> AMD K6-II 400 MHZ Processor
> 2 banks with 32 MB installed in each to equal 64 MB RAM
> Expandable to: 128 MB
> No working Hard Drive installed
> This machine has experienced hard drive failures related to the battery and
> power; hence I'm not including the battery in the sale.
> I have three hard drives all still under warrantee I believe. 
> I just am in school and do not have time to keep fooling with this machine,
> otherwise works great..
> Here are the hard drives I have for it 
> 6.0 GB
> 2.1 GB
> 6.0 GB
> Hard disks are removable and are easy to install.
> Built-in 24X cdrom and 1.44 Floppy drive
> 2 PCMCIA slots
> 1 USB port
> 1 FIR port
> 1 serial port
> 1 ECP bi-directional printer port
> 1 PS2 port for keyboard and mouse
> 1 CRT monitor port
> Jacks include:
> Stereo out
> Line in
> TV out
> Microphone
> Sound card Yamaha opl3sax 
> ALSA Supported opl3sa2
> Video card: chipson Technologies 69950 (one of the chipson models)
> 12 IN LCD display
> Comes with carrying case, AC adapter manuals in braille if requested, print
> and electronic form, also complete driver cd that contains
> audio/video/touch pad drivers for 95/98/NT also can provide burned archival
> backup of driver cd, also comes with authentic Windows 98 SE CD, and burned
> copy for your backup purposes. Also Iwill include any distribution of Linux
> you wish burned on to a cd for your immediate use. 
> I'm only asking 400 minimal payment I see comparable machines on pricewatch
> for around 495 500, but since the hard drives are all messed up and you
> have to go through the trouble of getting them all repaired I'm willing to
> let it go for 400. I spent 1495 on it back in July of 2000. So it is not
> that old, also works great for a Linux router with 2 linksys (Part Number
> EC2T) PCMCIA network cards running a router distribution of Linux, I used
> an external zip drive for this purpose when my hdd was off being RMA'd and
> the return shipped to me..
> No modem but any cheep PCMCIA modem will do, I will ship to anywhere in the
> continental United States.
> Please mail patrickt at
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