Got ALSA Going!!!

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Nov 17 15:10:38 EST 2002

Hey I'm excited; I got ALSA going on my first attempt last night! But
I do have some questions before I proceed further.  I put in a SB Live
card, downloaded and installed the drivers, libs and utils for
ALSA-0.9.0rc6 respectively.  Preliminary tests enabled me to play wav
files and monitor the line input jack.  Given some of the problems I
heard in past messages on this list, it makes me feel good about the

My first question has to do with modules.conf.  I got a bit confused
as to just what I need to add to modules.conf to satisfy ALSA's
drivers.  I just did 'modeprobe snd-emu-10k1' for starters and later
did a modeprobe of snd-mixer-oss and snd-pcm-oss in that order and I
can do quite a few things now.  

My other questions have to do with identifying and manipulating the
various controls on the sound card and getting results.  First off, I
used the amixer command to change Bass and Treble but I don't hear any
effect from the change.  On my SB live card, I notice five jacks - I
figured out one for line input and one for output but can't seem to
figure out the other output.  My old SB AWE32 card had separate
speaker and line out jacks doesn't the SB live do that any more? I
have only been able to get output from one jack; I can hook up
speakers or my sterio to it with favorable results on both.  I just
miss having the speakers and my stereo hooked up at the same time.

That's about it.  Anyone on here have pretty good experience with ALSA
and the SB live card that might offer some further tips?

I basically found the man pages to be partially informative; being a
new comer to ALSA, I think I need a bit more info.  Thanks for any help.
Please avoid sending me Word or PowerPoint attachments.

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