Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

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Hey Igor,
Well, this is interesting.  .Net Server 2003 has a whole lot of command
utilities.  You can actually perform all administration tasks via the
console and it even has a command shell.  Wonder if they're actually ports
of Unix utilities?
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> Hi Scott. Now that you brought it up, its true that everyone chooses what
> works for them. Unfortunately, M$ wants to impose their system on
> everyone, which really isn't going to work. Others like me, who like to
> see all low-level functionality, and be able to do whatever they want, are
> severely impaired by a system like Winblows, which both hides the
> underlying workings of the box, and makes someone use their stupid gui no
> matter who they are. I'm supposed to interact with a gui when I can do the
> same thing much faster and tweek it much more on the command line? I don't
> think so!
> May you code in the power of the source,
> may the kernel, libraries, and utilities be with you,
> throughout all distributions until the end of the epoch.
> On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Scott Howell wrote:
> > Ah, We're back to this topic again.
> >
> > Well folks the truth be told, the adverage person doesn't give a tiny
> > tin damn about what os their machine runs, doesn't care to know ram from
> > ram, and isn't even interested in fiddling about with the box. THey go
> > to the store, purchase what they believe to be the best box for the
> > bucks, come home, get out the big poster that tells them where to plug
> > the keyboard, mouse, etc. in, and turn it on. What the adverage person
> > does care about is how can the accomplish the task and how quickly
> > without a great deal of fuss. The same applies to the adverage person
> > who owns a car, they just want to drive and get where they are going.
> > THey don't care how many cylinders it has, where its got a carb or fuel
> > injected etc. I agree if your going to take on the task of learning an
> > os, expect to hit bumps along the way and don't bitch, ask questions,
> > read, learn, and so forth.
> > So, now if you wonder why there are technicians in the world, now you
> > know. So, lets not go about beatting others on the head because they
> > aren't interested in Linux or say that Linux isn't ready for the
> > adverage user. In fact Linux can be used by the adverage user once its
> > install. They wouldn't have a clue or care if its windows or Linux as
> > long as they can accomplish the task at hand. It holds true that the
> > same adverage user probably wouldn't want to install windows either.
> > Hell you buy a machine and it comes with the os already install and most
> > all applications. Now if you handed someone a LInux box with everything
> > on it, I'm sure they would be just as happy. I think the only challenge
> > is perhaps installing some new application. There is no generic method
> > I'm aware of to install some package you bought from the store.
> > COnsider if you were to buy some new word processing package, most LInux
> > distros have a basic feel, but different installation methods, I can see
> > how this would pose a problem for someone who would have to find a
> > package for their distro. Because there is only one windows, its easy to
> > purchase software. I think you see my point.
> > Ay, lets face it folks, Linux is not for everyone and neither is
> > windows, and neither is the Mac os. YOu pick what works best for you. Of
> > course thre are tinkers of cars, computers, and so on and that is what
> > most of us are. We are interested in the "under the hood" stuff.
> >
> > Scott
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