Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

Scott Howell showell at
Sun Nov 17 07:29:50 EST 2002

Ah, We're back to this topic again.

Well folks the truth be told, the adverage person doesn't give a tiny 
tin damn about what os their machine runs, doesn't care to know ram from 
ram, and isn't even interested in fiddling about with the box. THey go 
to the store, purchase what they believe to be the best box for the 
bucks, come home, get out the big poster that tells them where to plug 
the keyboard, mouse, etc. in, and turn it on. What the adverage person 
does care about is how can the accomplish the task and how quickly 
without a great deal of fuss. The same applies to the adverage person 
who owns a car, they just want to drive and get where they are going. 
THey don't care how many cylinders it has, where its got a carb or fuel 
injected etc. I agree if your going to take on the task of learning an 
os, expect to hit bumps along the way and don't bitch, ask questions, 
read, learn, and so forth.
So, now if you wonder why there are technicians in the world, now you 
know. So, lets not go about beatting others on the head because they 
aren't interested in Linux or say that Linux isn't ready for the 
adverage user. In fact Linux can be used by the adverage user once its 
install. They wouldn't have a clue or care if its windows or Linux as 
long as they can accomplish the task at hand. It holds true that the 
same adverage user probably wouldn't want to install windows either. 
Hell you buy a machine and it comes with the os already install and most 
all applications. Now if you handed someone a LInux box with everything 
on it, I'm sure they would be just as happy. I think the only challenge 
is perhaps installing some new application. There is no generic method 
I'm aware of to install some package you bought from the store. 
COnsider if you were to buy some new word processing package, most LInux 
distros have a basic feel, but different installation methods, I can see 
how this would pose a problem for someone who would have to find a 
package for their distro. Because there is only one windows, its easy to 
purchase software. I think you see my point.
Ay, lets face it folks, Linux is not for everyone and neither is 
windows, and neither is the Mac os. YOu pick what works best for you. Of 
course thre are tinkers of cars, computers, and so on and that is what 
most of us are. We are interested in the "under the hood" stuff.


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