Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

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Sun Nov 17 00:43:48 EST 2002

On Sun, Nov 17, 2002 at 01:20:26AM -0330, Ed Barnes wrote:
if I was able to do it and countless others were as
well what's stopping you.

Well, it appears to me that it's only pure stubbernness that's stopping
our friend here from trying to install linux.
Oh yes, I've seen and heard comments like, "imho linux is nowhere near
being ready for the average user." and "the average user is not gonna
wanna know how they're comuter works they just want to turn it on and
use it."
Well, more fool them I say. if you're not prepared to learn about your
computer and how it works and what it's all about and how to back out of
sticky situations, and believe me, it will happen, then you go right
ahead and be exploited by microsoft and a hand full of techies that want
nothing more than your hard earned dollars. 
To Qualify my statement, the majority of techies out there are
reasonably priced but there's always those select few that will take
your hard earned and do little more than tick this or point and shoot at
that and give you a long list of what was wrong in language you weren't
prepared to learn as a "user".
quit bitching about how hard something is and just bloody well do it. if
it dies in the arse, do it again. if you screw up, it's nobody's fault
but yours, so, do it again. and keep doing it until you get it right or
to a point where you consider it to be right enough for you.
When I installed slackware, my first distro, I knew shit about linux.
surficeth to say, I knew enough about speakup by reading docs and
listening to some tutorials and then going through the motions myself.
guess what, I'm still using linux. only the distro has changed, to
protect the innocent. hahaha.

Shaun Oliver

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