Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

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Sat Nov 16 23:50:26 EST 2002

Hi Mike, sounds like you are easily impressed and before you get the 
temptation to flame might I tell you that I nailed the install using 
speakup on first try, I have done it a few times since.
My first time installing Linux with speakup was my first time installing 
the OS over all, I had never done it with sighted assistance before that 
particular install.
Mind you the first install wasn't perfect as once you nail the install and 
learn more about Linux you'll find imperfections with the install and the 
choices you made during the install for certain in my humble opinion.
Note too that I didn't know much about the screen reader at the time.
I simply read the well-written docs that can be found on speakup's web 
site, the same ones I'd recommend you read if you've not already done so.
So, in closing I'd say stop making excuses and get out there and give it 
the "old college try", if I was able to do it and countless others were as 
well what's stopping you.
Ed Barnes

At 11:51 AM 11/16/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>What wouod impress me is if someone who knew little about linux and the
>screen reader could do the demo.  The reason Im still a windblows user is
>because I was only able to instal linux with the patient help of friends. It
>took two hours to make it even remotely useable.  That to me is not the sign
>of a user-friendly system.
>I would be impressed if you could get a computer-savey person who didn't
>know much about linux to operate the screen reader, and do the install.
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>Hey, Jim:
>Yes, I think it would be possible to stream. It may be more hocus-pocus then
>there is time for, but it certainly is worth thinking about. If at all
>possible, I would want to do it. The room does have Internet, meaning
>ethernet, I believe. So, I could stream over my laptop whilst we blow away
>and install Linux on the system there, or something like that.
>I don't know about what experience leve I will have. I imagine your
>estimation is correct, mostly AT and Windows familiarity.
>jwantz at writes:
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> >
> > Hi Janina,
> > Is your audience going to be experienced linux users?  If not, why not
> > demonstrate remotely shutting down a system?  I have always considered
> > this very useful when my system was threatened by a thunderstorm.
> > I'm assuming there will be a majority of people familiar with
> > accessibility products but not linux.  Is there any possibility that can
> > broadcast the conference via a live stream?
> >
> >       Jim Wantz WB0TFK
> > On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Janina
> > Sajka wrote:
> >
> > > I am pleased to announce that the installation and configuration of a
>Linux computer, using Red Hat 8.0 with Speakup, will be demonstrated at the
> > > upcoming CSUN Conference, Technology and Persons with Disabilities,
>which will be held in hotels near the Los Angeles International Airport,
>(LAX), this
> > > coming March. You are invited to attend.
> > >
> > >     Session Title: How To Install Red Hat Linux Using Only The Speakup
>Screen Reader
> > > Presenter name: Janina Sajka
> > > Date: Friday, 21 March 2003
> > > Start Time: 2:00 pm
> > > End Time: 4:40 pm
> > > Room: Chicago/Dallas, at the Marriott Hotel
> > >
> > > Please note that we will have Internet access at this presentation, so
>that our completed installation will be accessible over SSH. I would like to
> > > demonstrate this to those who attend in person. So, I'm open to ideas
>and suggestions from those on this list who will NOT be attending CSUN this
> > > March. What compelling capacity of Linux might be worthy of a brief
>remote demonstration? Please let me know your thoughts.
> > >
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