Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

Toby Fisher toby at
Fri Nov 15 20:15:57 EST 2002

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Alex Snow wrote:

> A good thing to demonstrate the remote capibilities of linux would be to
> show how you can check a pop3 mailbox from a remote computer without having
> to setup that account on the machine.

Oh what, you mean something like:
telnet some.mail.server 110
user username
pass password
top 1 20 (to read the headers)
top 1 40
top 1 60
top 1 80
etc etc etc

Hehehe, I've checked my email like this many a time. *grin*

Only thing to remember, don't leave more than 60 secs between commands or
you get booted.  Oh yes, and it doesn't work if the server wants ssl
authentication, sorry, but I don't talk realtime ssl. *grin*


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