Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

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Fri Nov 15 14:34:01 EST 2002

A good thing to demonstrate the remote capibilities of linux would be to
show how you can check a pop3 mailbox from a remote computer without having
to setup that account on the machine.
Explorer has caused a general protection fault in module kernel32.dll. I'm
sick of Winblows!
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Subject: Installing Linux with Speakup Scheduled at CSUN

> I am pleased to announce that the installation and configuration of a
Linux computer, using Red Hat 8.0 with Speakup, will be demonstrated at the
> upcoming CSUN Conference, Technology and Persons with Disabilities, which
will be held in hotels near the Los Angeles International Airport, (LAX),
> coming March. You are invited to attend.
> Session Title: How To Install Red Hat Linux Using Only The Speakup Screen
> Presenter name: Janina Sajka
> Date: Friday, 21 March 2003
> Start Time: 2:00 pm
> End Time: 4:40 pm
> Room: Chicago/Dallas, at the Marriott Hotel
> Please note that we will have Internet access at this presentation, so
that our completed installation will be accessible over SSH. I would like to
> demonstrate this to those who attend in person. So, I'm open to ideas and
suggestions from those on this list who will NOT be attending CSUN this
> March. What compelling capacity of Linux might be worthy of a brief remote
demonstration? Please let me know your thoughts.
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