announcement: Woody floppies released!

Steve Holmes steve at
Wed Nov 13 07:40:10 EST 2002

Can you share with us what you ended up doing to get it all happening?
Did you work out the unresolved modules issues?  I forget if you had a
Debian box already or not.

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 04:29:06PM -0500, Igor Gueths wrote:
> Hi all. I have just uploaded Debian Woody (3.0R0) boot floppies to
> They're currently in /pub/incoming, however I believe
> that will be changed rather soon. The rescue floppy includes a 2.4.18
> kernel with Cvs Speakup. The root floppy includes modules from the bf24
> image on the official Debian Cdrom. I am working on a full Iso distro, but
> this is going to take some time yet. So I felt that I should release
> floppies in the meantime for anyone who wants to start from the disks and
> install the system from the official Cds. If anyone has problems or
> feedback about the current images, feel free to mail me on-list or
> privately. Enjoy!
> May you code in the power of the source,
> may the kernel, libraries, and utilities be with you,
> throughout all distributions until the end of the epoch.
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