in place file splitter

Adam Myrow amyrow at
Tue Nov 12 18:01:03 EST 2002

Killing processes when memory runs out usually isn't a big deal, and it's
better than a hang or crash.  However, try running parted with 32MB of RAM
from a boot disk some time and you'll learn real quick how to restore from
backup.  I did that and since the boot floppy uses a RAM disk and there
was no swap, I ran out of memory in the middle of resizing a partition.
Well, guess what happens when parted gets killed in the middle of
something like resizing a partition?  I had scrambled eggs for a
filesystem and it didn't just effect that partition.  It somehow effected
my Slackware partition as well requiring me to restore two partitions from
backups.  So, if you have less than 128MB of memory and plan on doing
anything disk intensive, better find a free partition for swap space or
disaster could strike.

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