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ccrawford at acb.org ccrawford at acb.org
Sun Nov 10 09:00:13 EST 2002

	I will not take up too much room talking about this but to say I 
appreciate your concerns and we in the U.S. will win this one.  We will 
not rest until we do.

-- Charlie Crawford.

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Geoff Shang wrote:

> Hi:
> Well, this is a shame.  I'm really at a loss as to where the effort goes
> from here.  If this were in Australia, I'm confident we'd be able to use
> our antidiscrimination legislation to get something done about it.  But the
> ADA sounds like it only applies to so-called "public accommodations" and
> I'm not confident that TV would be covered.
> This concerns me because a vast amount of TV programs come from the US and
> when we eventually get described TV here, material that's already available
> will surely have an impact on how much we get to hear.
> This subject will be discussed on Blind LIne on ACB Radio Mainstream on
> Sunday at 20 hours GMT, that's 3Pm Eastern, noon Pacific and 6Am Monday
> morning for poor old me here in Brisbane.
> Geoff.

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