update on inode problem

Igor Gueths igueths at attbi.com
Wed Nov 6 20:00:34 EST 2002

Hi all. Well after digging into this problem a bit further, I figured out
that the 1:0 reported in the errors about ext2_read_inode were refering to
/dev/ram0 according to /usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt. That
would explain why changing the root.bin image never fixed the problem.
Does anyone know why /dev/ram0 would report this type of error after the
kernel mounted the EXT2_fs using the initrd? One thing I am going to try
is to change the ramdisk_size to 16385 KB. It is currently set to 4096,
and vanilla flavor is what isolinux is defaulting to at the moment. Does
anyone have any other suggestions besides changing the disksize? Thanks!

May you code in the power of the source,
may the kernel, libraries, and utilities be with you,
throughout all distributions until the end of the epoch.

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