Load time is rediculous

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Hi, just one more note.  I always log in as root.  This is the only thing I
left out in my last msg.  I know it's not recomended that ppl do this in
practice, but it's not like I'm administering the server for first national
bank.  Smile.
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> Hi all,
> Chuck is right.  It would be helpful to know how you shut down your
> computer.  If you are just turning off the power, no wonder you're
> having troubles.  Here's the drill.  Follow it for best results.
> 1.  log in as root or SU.
> 2.  Type:  shutdown -h now
> 3.  Wait till Speakup tells you "power down".
> 4.  Then, and only then turn off the power.
> I think you can find documentation by looking at the man page for
> shutdown.   <smile>  Yep, yepper, I just checked, it's most complete.
> have fun!
> Ann P.
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