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UIUC was the birthplace of the Mosaic browser. It's a very good school, 
and it still leads in technology development. Easily a top ten choice, 
 On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Ameenah Ghoston wrote:

> Hi, everyone!  I have been watching the newsgroup for a while, and the 
> computer science topic grabbed my attention.  I am at the University of 
> Illinois, and the computer science department teaches you theory along with 
> programming.  In fact, the first CS. course you take, you are using Java to 
> learn concepts such as recursion, and other basic concepts.  The next 
> course, you are using C++ to learn data structures such as link lists, 
> AVLTrees, and so on.  After that, you can pick 300 level courses to try and 
> focus on a certain aspect of the Cs. field such compilers and programming 
> languages, operating systems, and the list goes on.  There is a hardware 
> component to being a CS. major where you are using UNIX based program 
> to  design circuits, and you even get to do some assembly programming.  If 
> you want to be strictly hardware, then, you just major in engineering.  You 
> have the choice of being a CS major which is very rigorous, and is similar 
> to the engineering program.  The other option is to be a CS-statistics or 
> CS-mathematics major.  All of the option depends on what you want to do, 
> and also, how good your grades.  The standards here are very high.  The 
> difficult part is trying to stay in the program.
>   What makes this school so great in the field of CS is that you learn more 
> theory then anything else.  You may leave this place not knowing how to 
> program the best in the world but you will know the theory behind all the 
> concepts.  No class is taught with specific focus on a operating system or 
> programming language.  You get a very broad education when it comes to 
> CS.  Our program is equivalent to MIT but a little cheaper.
>    There have been a number of blind students who have gone through the 
> department, and are doing very well for themselves.  While accessibility is 
> an  issue, the professors here are willing to work with you. 
> Furthermore,  since the programs we use are all UNIX, then, you do not have 
> to worry about screwing with windows and JAWS.       I am actually a 
> computer science minor and my major is history.  I have taken all the 
> courses that every CS. major has to take.  I am not trying to force my 
> school upon any one who is considering college, but nevertheless, I 
> strongly recommend that you consider this university.
> Well, that is all I have to say.  If you further wish to check out the CS. 
> department go to
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