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Mon Mar 11 09:56:21 EST 2002

Hi Ron,
I don't understand what you are saying.  About an IDE.  How does an IDE 
change the underlying language?  A nice thing about a good IDE is that 
it has all of the advantages of an interpreted language with none of the 
drawbacks.  You get almost immediate notification of errors along in 
some cases the ability to get detailed explanations of the errors.
On Sun, 
10 Mar 2002, Ron Marriage wrote:

> Having taught programming languages for over 30 years, I
> figure to weigh in with my own 2 cents.
> First off, if you don't know a programming language now,
> forget about the compilers, IDEs, etc.
> You don't want to learn an IDE you want to know how to
> program.  The skills that you learn will transfer to most
> other languages.
> Basic is available in many flavors, pick one, so it's
> interpreted, why should you care.  Believe it or not you
> won't develope the newest MS office suite with it or with
> any language you start out with.
> What you can learn though even with an interpreted language
> is logic, methodology, and a background that will carry over
> to more advanced languages, where you will have the chance
> of doing something worthwhile.
> Tie yourself to an IDE now and you won't learn programming
> ever.  You also won't develope anything more than what you
> can do by pushing buttons.  An IDE is good only after you
> learn how to program.
> Get basic, play with it a while, then try C or some other
> higher language.
> Lots of languages out there and most work great for specific
> things. Not eveything is done in C.
> After you have some basic skills, decide what it is that you
> want to do.  You might realize then that the language you
> want is much easier to decide upon.
> Ron
> Alex Snow wrote:
> > 
> > I would use, and want to learn, basic, if there was a free Compiler and/or
> > IDE for basic under winblows.
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> > > How about BASIC?
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