Playing DVDs in linux console. (mplayer installation)

Johan Bergström johbe at
Fri Mar 8 05:10:04 EST 2002

I dont understand what you want. Running X with a speech program so that
you run mplayer with a visual picture or what?

mplayer can handle ALL possible codecs you can think of, and DVDs, if you
just install them and recompile mplayer for some of them. It MUST have X
to run with a good quality visual picture..

If you are happy with sound only it will play ALL video files you can
think of, AND DVDs with sound only, in the console. You dont need X for
sound only.

mplayer is not developed for visually impared people, its a general
commandline movieplayer in linux, it has a GUI aswell, but its optional,
its even better than windows media player in my humble opinion. And it
has the feature of disabeling the visual output using the null driver.
Which means, you can run it in console and get a sound only version,
which I thought was what you guys wanted.

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Alex Snow wrote:

> Any idea when a workable solution to X is comming?

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