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Amanda Lee amanda at shellworld.net
Thu Jan 24 13:05:52 EST 2002

Yeah, I'm really shaking my head over this one.  Are you mistakenly using
a person as a Personal Care Attendant or something?  Perhaps Alabama
provides these services and to justify that a blind person needs a reader,
this  is to classify them as Personal Care Attendants.  I wish that reader
services could be such a service albeit it is not as much of a service
which is as  custodial as a person needs who is unable to perform normal
life tasks such as bathing, dressing and so forth.  In some respects, it
actually might not be a bad idea that hired readers are pre-qualified
because hey! they generally writeout checks and have direct access to
documents which contain personal and confidential information.
This is way way off topic of course.  If you are denied what you need
though, I would contact your State's Equal Opportunity Bureau, Division or
Department whatever it is called.  Ask about how to file complaints
regarding rights of persons with disabilities.
Did you also ask to speak to a supervisor about this?  It's amazing how
case workers can be horribly mis-informed as well and perhaps the
information needs to be provided proactively to whomever gave you this
seemingly bogus information.

If Alabama truly is denying services which you are entitled to, if there
is no State Legislation which covers this, then your next step is to do
exactly as Dave P indicates as this is a very blatant and discriminatory

Amanda Lee

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, David Poehlman wrote:

> it is discriminatory and inflamatory.  it is just like some maneuvers I
> have seen to keep the little guy from opperating in the braille
> production business.  I don't think there is a place for this kind of
> thinking in the ada and if you took it to the d o j, I don't think it
> would stand up.  If you are being denied a service you are being denied
> a service and that is that.
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> Hi.  I talked to them when it passed.
> They did it "to protect me from bad people."  Nfb, ACB, and the
> state school for the blind aren't interested in doing anything about it
> so I just live with it.
>           Kenny
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 09:45:43AM -0600, Kirk Wood wrote:
> > On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Kenny Hitt wrote:
> > > Hi.  In Alabama, readers are required to pass a background check.
> > > Also, they have to pay for the background check.  Because of this, I
> > > haven't had help in several years.
> >
> > So let me see if I understand this correctly. In Alabama a person is
> > supposed to pay a fee (guessing in the area of $50) so that they can
> help
> > a blind person out making maybe $7.00 an hour? That is a nice barier
> to
> > having to pay the minimal rates they do. Readers never get
> compensation
> > that is worthy. I think you should speak with your state legislator
> about
> > why he wants to deny you services. Then get as many other people you
> can
> > to call asking the same question.
> >
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