Development cost proposal needed.

Charles Crawford ccrawford at
Thu Jan 24 09:16:29 EST 2002

Jeff and all,

         Yup.  My goal here is to get us going rather than get us in 
trouble.  Let's see what other input we can get and then develop the 
strategic objectives and run with it.

-- charlie.

>Hi Charlie:
>this is going to take 2 things - money and developers.  Money you say you
>can get.  this is a great thing.  I think if the carrot is dangled, people
>with experience and expertise will come to the party.  As long as the
>opensource concepts of free software and open development/consultation
>continue, this will be a good initiative.
>I highly urge that nothing be done until Kirk Reiser and Janina get back
>from Toronto and can have input into this - they will both have useful
>things to say.
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