Will DecTalk work with with Speak Up?

Georgina gena at gena-j.net
Fri Jan 18 20:39:12 EST 2002


Either of your cards will work but if you want some help you'll have to provide 
much more information and people here will be glad to help.  Here's some 
of the questions I have that will help us to help you:

Is it Redhat you wish to Install?  Or do you have a Redhat installation 
on which you wish to install a speakup enabled kernel?

Do you already have a set of disks from which you wish to install?

Do you have a cable connection, or know someone who is willing to download 
large files for you?

Do you still have linux partitions?  Do you have enough disk space?  Do you 
wish to maintain Windows partitions? 

>Hi All.
>Will DecTalk PC work with SpeakUp?  If so, what are the steps to install?
>The other option I had is DoubleTalk Pc instead of the Dectalk.  
>My knowledge with Linux is not that high, at this point of time.
>Linux redhat 7.1 running earlier version of the kernal.
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>Speakup at braille.uwo.ca

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