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Richard Wells richwels at yahoo.com
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I am gonna show my ignorance here. What do you do with a .ISO file once you
download it assuming you want to make an image from a Winblows machine? I
have Slackware 8.0 running but I am thinking about taking a look at RedHat
but my CD burner is still hooked to the Winblows machine.

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Hi, Amanda:

Yeh, I know what you mean about knowing the lingo. Sorry. Didn't mean to
assume in my earlier mail.

The .iso image files are huge. About 680 mB each, approximately. They're
fully loaded CD ROM images, in other words.

Yes, you can always (almost) get a listing of files with ftp. Just use ls
or dir. Both work.

PS: Yes, the disk treadmill moves on as does the cpu speed treadmill. Are
you ready for 300 gB disks in another year or so?


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