file re-naming?

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Wed Feb 27 21:00:02 EST 2002

Thanks Alex. But right now, I don't have network access, so I can't really easily dl the latest gcc right now. I kind of thought that this was the case in terms of version reference, but I wasn't sure. I currently have gcc 2.95. So no wonder it didn't work! Anyway, I just thought of another problem. I know that if you want to make winBlows-created text files readable under linux, you have to use dos2unix to remove the crlf character and just leave the lf. Do you have to do something similar to binaries i.e., tar archives tar.gz? Do you have to use a similar program to convert binaries? Thanks for all the input! 
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> Hi, Igor!
> The file is refering to the latest version of gcc.  It's on in
> some dir or another.  I am going to compile it when I get my speach working.
> Alex Snow
> Webmaster
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> Hi Buddy. Thanks for the info. Well it seems that Linux commands are kind of
> different from Irix? Bc on irix, rn old filename new filename was the
> standard usage. Anyway, got a question. If anyone's already fed up with me
> then I'm sorry lol! Anyway, I have a page here that has installation and
> compiling instructions for the Linksys Network card driver (tulip.c). The
> only problem is, I don't know to what version of gcc this doc refers to.
> When I tried compiling the tulip module, I got all sorts of compilation
> errors. I am attaching the page in text form for reference. If anyone can
> try to compile the source file and/or tell me to what version the doc refers
> to, I would greatly apreciate it! I posted the driver a while back, but in
> case someone maybe lost it, I'll attach here with the page. Thanks in
> advance for any help! Also, if there is a problem with the encoding format
> please let me kno so I can change to uuencoding or something similar. Thanks
> again!
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> > Nope. ... rn is an old news reader.
> >
> > Don't use rm, cause that'll delete the file.
> >
> > The command for rename is mv.
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