file re-naming?

Alex Snow alex_snow at
Wed Feb 27 19:14:23 EST 2002

Hi, Igor!
The file is refering to the latest version of gcc.  It's on in
some dir or another.  I am going to compile it when I get my speach working.
Alex Snow
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Hi Buddy. Thanks for the info. Well it seems that Linux commands are kind of
different from Irix? Bc on irix, rn old filename new filename was the
standard usage. Anyway, got a question. If anyone's already fed up with me
then I'm sorry lol! Anyway, I have a page here that has installation and
compiling instructions for the Linksys Network card driver (tulip.c). The
only problem is, I don't know to what version of gcc this doc refers to.
When I tried compiling the tulip module, I got all sorts of compilation
errors. I am attaching the page in text form for reference. If anyone can
try to compile the source file and/or tell me to what version the doc refers
to, I would greatly apreciate it! I posted the driver a while back, but in
case someone maybe lost it, I'll attach here with the page. Thanks in
advance for any help! Also, if there is a problem with the encoding format
please let me kno so I can change to uuencoding or something similar. Thanks
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> Nope. ... rn is an old news reader.
> Don't use rm, cause that'll delete the file.
> The command for rename is mv.
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