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Hi janina, I think your editional comments you referred too are missing, or
at least I am unable to find them. Thanks. Ed

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Hi, Ed:

This looks much better to me. A couple of comments sill, however:

Ed Barnes writes:
> Janina and list.
> I am learning more and more from this list as I write to it and read the
> messages of others and I should add that I am thoroughally enjoying
> participating.
> Guess the fact that I am a bit of a computer nird might have something to
> with it in a sense because I spend hours and hours fooling around at
> computer stuff outside of what school requires just because I enjoy it as
> hobby.
> Nevertheless, yes Janina I did forget the ned for a /usr partition.
> Regarding putting the swap partition on /dev/hda1, I found it a little odd
> that you were commenting on this as I couldn't remember writing that in
> original message.
>      I actually didn't or didn't intend to write it that way but I've
> at the message that you would have received late last night and that is
> you saw when you read the message so it makes some sense now.
>  I have a touchpad on my notebook which I've not yet disabled and
> if my palm hits it as I type and I don't realize it my messages end up as
> bit of a jumble and things are miss-aligned.
> The pointer that you use a / partition of 256 mb approx and that I could
> away with 400 mb or so is invaluable.
> This drastically changes things, but it is change for the better.
> After reading your note I am wondering if a partition scheme such as the
> following would be more appropriate? Once again I'm planning on installing
> the modified Red Hat 7.2 on a Pentium II 233 mhz w 64 mb of ram. Any and
> thoughts welcome folks.
> /dev/hda is a 2 gb hd
> /dev/hda1
> / partition 400 mb
> /dev/hda2
> /usr partition 1 gb (I don't plan on installing anything from x)
> /dev/hda3
> /var 600 mb (very limitted mail and web and dns server capability)
> /dev/hdb is a 1.6 gb hard disk
> /dev/hdb1
> swap partition of size 200 mb
> /dev/hdb2
> /tmp 400 mb
> /dev/hdb3
> /home remaining space on hard disk
> Many thanks to all in advance.
> Ed Barnes
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> I don't know about the wisdom of putting swap in hda1. Sounds unusual to
> me, put I don't know that there's actually anything wrong with that. I
> just have never seen that.
> Also, it's not your /root -- but your / partition which is the root. 1.5
> gB is undoubtedly large--try 500 mB or even less. I get away with about
> 256 mB these days. Essentially, make this bigger if it includes /var, and
> less if /var is a separate partition, and less if /var will have
> relatively little to do--no ftp, no web, only your mail, etc.
> Your note does not speak of /usr. That is very important, and will take at
> least 1 gB if you install nothing from X, and about 3.5 gB if you install
> everything in the RH 7.2 distribution.
> My advice is to let diskdruid figure out where to put things. It's good at
> that. Just specify the sizes and mount points. The term "Mount points," by
> the way,  is linux speak for things like /, and /usr, and /home, etc.
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