choosing a distro and version

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Sat Feb 23 18:52:50 EST 2002

Wich speach synth are you using? I just cant seem to get my Braille Lite to
work, and that's the only thing I got (until tuxtalk is ready). Do you have
any ideas? I called tec support and they gave me all the dumb ass solutions
like "is your cable hooked up?
Thanks in advance,
Alex Snow
P.S. what kind of system are you using? I'm using a 1 gig amd box with 128
megs of ram and thirty gigs of disk
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> Hi Alex.
> Thanks for writing.
> I would actually prefer to go with a system that is not a dual boot
> I hate dual boots unless they are the *only* option so I will be running
> system on a system dedicated to Linux only.
> I also want the challenges of configuring the system as someone who will
> graduating from an I.T. program in May.
> I feel the little introduction we received with regard to Linux totally
> missed the boat so to speak so I want to teach myself all I can.
> I am going to go Red Hat because there are more users of that distro
> so I figure should I do anything to totally mess up my machine I'll have
> more help sources around here should I need to avail of them.
> Thanks and have a nice day.
> Ed Barnes
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> Hi Ed,
> I am a first-time linux user and have a piece of advice: If you haven't
> linux befor, download "zipspeak" from
> It's a preconfigured slackware that will run from a fat partition.  I'd
> suggest it for people who are new to linux.  It is pretty easy to setup
> I know how to set it up.  Also it's author is very helpfull.
> Hope this helps
> Alex Snow
> P.S.  I am working on a red hat version of zipspeak.
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