Ed Barns' Introduction--was Re: new subscriber just testing

Dave Hunt < wx1g at mediaone.net
Sat Feb 23 02:04:36 EST 2002


Depending on what job you get, you may be lucky.  Hopefully "they"
will let you set up a Linux workstation.  

I develop web applications for a real estate finance research group.
If my company weren't on the Winternet, I'd have a Linux box, with
Speakup and Emacspeak on it.  Why the latter?  All those productivity

Thanks for introducing yourself.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Keep us posted as you make your journey toward full conversion; We
welcome you to the fold LOL.  Oh, incidentally, My company's chief IT
guy (hard-core Winternet), is beginning to consider Linux seriously,
especially for database and web back-ends.  

Take Care,


Ed Barnes writes:
 > Hi Dave.
 > Thank you for the reply
 > A few months ago I did lurk on this list with intentions of diving into
 > Linux feet first, however; those intentions did not come to fruition due to
 > the fact I was quite busy with school.

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