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Hi Dave.
Thank you for the reply
A few months ago I did lurk on this list with intentions of diving into
Linux feet first, however; those intentions did not come to fruition due to
the fact I was quite busy with school.
So, once I realized that my intentions of several months ago wouldn't come
to fruition in an immediate sense I unsubscribed from the list.
I am completing an I.T. program and will graduate in May.
 My program failed in my opinion to address the power of Linux both as an
alternative to Linux from a general user point of view when the x-windows
tools are used, and more important to me as someone who has no desire to use
x irregardless of the fact I can't at the moment because I am blind, it
failed to address Linux as a powerful networking operating system and its
My only Linux experience with the Linux operating system is that gained from
using a few shell accounts over the years doing the things that most users
with minimum permissions do, send mail, use lynx, and stuff of that nature.
 I want to play with admin type stuff in the hope I will earn about it and
just generally develop Linux skills because I feel that they are marketable.
Not to mention the fact that I think "Uncle Bill Gates" must be the devil's
brother for all the crap Microshaft does, so if I were a profficient Linux
user I might skip using Windows at home and only use it in whatever job I
get after I graduate.
Now, becoming a total convert is probably a year or two away, however; I
plan on trying.

Thanks for reading and replying to my test.
Have a good week-end.
Ed Barnes

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Hello Ed,

Are you new to the list?  Maybe you've been lurking for a while?
What's your experience with os's like Linux?


Ed Barnes writes:
 > thanks much

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