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Sat Feb 23 00:58:22 EST 2002

Hi, I would use some other download maniger such as Download Excelerator or
ftp Explorer to get the red Hat iso files. that way if the download dies
which it always does for me you can go back into the download program, and
and hit continue.

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> Hi Thomas, I have all of the above, fast network connection, fast cdrw
> drive, etc, however; I discovered the red hat 7.2 cd images including
> speakup in the red hat site at linux-speakup and both times I tried
> downloading disk 1 of the i386 iso images both transfers died at about the
> 60 mb point, anyone have any thoughts as to why this happened.
> I didn't receive any errors on screen.
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> Hi, Ed. Well, I would suggest Red Hat 7.2 myself. If you have access to a
> high speed internet connection, and a cdrom burner there is a version of
> Hat 7.2 on the Linux Speakup site that has Speakup already built in. It
> boot disks to help you with a self voicing install, etc.
> Red Hat was my first distribution, and still is my favorite distribution.
> Fpor newbies it has quite a lot to offer. The sound configuration tools,
> kudzu hardware maniger, and other configuration tools to help you get it
> going.
> Your partitioning sounds good. It would be a vary good idea to put /home
> /dev/hdb.  I will leave it up to others to give specifics on partitioning
> they use.
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> Subject: choosing a distro and version
> > Hi again folks, hope nobody is sick of hearing from me yet, if so, I'm
> > sorry.
> > nevertheless, I was looking at the speakup web site, in particular
> available
> > information on Debian and Red Hat Linux distroes.
> > I am debating choosing to setup either a Debian or a Red Hat system as
> > first Linux system
> > I have spoken with some Linux users locally and the general consensus
> > those who have used both distroes is that for a first-timer Red Hat
> be
> > an easier setup and that after I have successfully conquered setting up
> > Red Hat box I would have enough skill to conquer setup of Debian and/or
> > Slackware as desired.
> > Any thoughts?
> > The system which I was planning to use and dedicate to setting up Linux
> > its only operating system is a Pentium II 233 MHZ w 64 mb of ram and two
> > HDs, it has a sound blaster pro sound card, and it will have a Symbios
> Logic
> > pci video adapter or an Sys chip set based AGP though I am leaning
> > using the AGP so as to be able to use the extra pci slot for something
> more
> > practical like one of the nics.
> > I know that I should create a min of three partitions, /home, /root, and
> > swap partition.
> > I have rough ideas of how big I want these partitions to be based on
> I
> > wish to do with the server from a functional point of view.
> > The two HDs are 1.6 gb and 2 gb in size respectively.
> > From a point of view of incorporating some level of fault tolerance in
> > system I was thinking the root partition and the swap partition should
> on
> > /dev/hda and the home partition should go on /dev/hdb.
> >         This would make system backup more convenient as I would only
> > to backup the /dev/hdb drive to save user data.
> > In the event that I do anything to cause the kernel to blow up I could
> > simply flatten /dev/hda and re-install it and re-create the user
> > whose data is still stored on /dev/hdb and or my backups.
> >   I was figuring that I would optimize hd space usage by using the 2 gb
> > drive as /dev/hda and use the 1.6 gb as /dev/hdb as I don't estimate
> my
> > system would have any more than 2 too 5 users, root, an user account,
> > myself, and one too three accounts that I might create to facilitate my
> own
> > fooling around and attempting to learn more about Linux aside from the
> > accounts which some Linux services, processes create after they are
> compiled
> > into the kernel and started.
> > I was also thinking of putting a min of two nics into the system so it
> could
> > be used to store a dynamic routing table for dns and create an ip subnet
> > mask so though I am paying for only one ip through my cable internet
> service
> > provider all the machines I have at home could both access the internet
> and
> > be accessed from the internet by me.
> > I know that steps to create an ip subnet mask and setup dns are well
> > documented at and I enjoy reading tech docs as required so
> > won't bor you guys with questions that have already been answered
> elsewhere.
> > I have read the readme files pertaining to speakup when it is installed
> with
> > both Red Hat 7 and 7.2 respectively and I already have copies of both
> > versions gotten directly from a Red Hat mirror.
> > Due to the fact that easy-to-use boot disk images are available for 7.0
> and
> > I don't need to modify any software which I already have other than
> > downloading the appropriate boot image and using rawrite to copy it to
> > floppy it seems that this would be the best distro to choose in my case.
> > In reading the speakup-related readme for Red Hat 7.2 it seems that I
> would
> > have to radically alter the CDs I already have to make it work with
> speakup
> > and I don't really want the extra work at the moment.
> > Lastly, for synths I have two Accents, a pc and an sa, a transport, and
> > BNS.
> > From the collective experience of others, is there one which is easier
> > get talking or which works better than any of the others given the ones
> > have available to me or is it just a question of me choosing the one I
> like
> > to listen to the most and choosing to use it over any of the others.
> >
> > In closing, thanks for reading, I'd appreciate any thoughts on what I've
> > written and guidance as to whether I am hitting a home run or if I am
> > much out in left field so to speak.
> > Any and all opinions welcome either sent to the listserve or to me
> directly
> > using either ed.barnes at or ebarnes at
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