Dectalk question.

Thomas Ward tward at
Thu Feb 21 21:18:36 EST 2002

Hi, I am assuming you are refering to the Dectalk Express. Yes, Speakup
comes with ssil drivers for the Dectalk, and you can specify it on the
commandline when you load Linux.For example:


Then, Speakup will load speech for the Dectalk Express. If you wanted to
load a bns instead you would enter:


Of course during setup you have the option of having this come up
automatically, or create a menu of choices to choose synths on startup.

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> So, the Dectalk I have is an external and is several years old.  I bought
> in in um 1998 for a job I was doing and then never used it.  At the time,
> it came with discs for installing it with DOS.  Do I need to worry bout
> updating it or anything or does Speak Up come with all the software bits
> to take care of that.
> Anna
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