Dectalk question.

Terry Klarich terry at
Thu Feb 21 20:31:54 EST 2002

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:50:00 -0800 (PST)you write:
>So, the Dectalk I have is an external and is several years old.  I bought 
>in in um 1998 for a job I was doing and then never used it.  At the time, 
>it came with discs for installing it with DOS.  Do I need to worry bout 
>updating it or anything or does Speak Up come with all the software bits 
>to take care of that.

If you have a dectalk express, you have everything you need.  I recently purchased one wich came with 4.61.  This version was
unsatisfactory.  It certainly wasn't the dec talk we all know and love.  I flashed 4.2c which was the version on my older unit.  It
works a lot better.  Although, there was a 4.2d I think.  there was a web site at one time wich served various dec talk stuff.
However, I can't remember the url.  I know it was something like http://www.*/rongemma/dectalk.*.  I originally got the url from a
friend of mine who worked at dec several years ago.

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