RawWrite for windows

Keith H. keithh432 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 13:17:28 EST 2002

Thanks again for the tips on rawrite.  I think I have finally got the files
to transfer to a floppy.

It doesn't seem to boot up with speech though.  I get to a welcome to RedHat
screen and when you hit enter to continue, the program stops and I'm back at
a DOS prompt.  I reacquired the dtlkb.bin and updat.img from the SpeakUp
site. I haven't had time to do the transfer of the boot images yet. My mom
spent the weekend at the hospital, and is still there.

One thing I noticed, after I resorted to using the boot flopy that came with
RedHat, everything seemed fine until I got to the screen that wanted a mount
point.  I think there is some reference in Appendix G of the Install Manual.
Which I will read eventually.  In a real quick nutshell, can anyone shine
any light on that or what is needed on that field?

Keith H.

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