can't load zipspeak

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Hi. Slakware is a distribution. The distribution you are trying to use is zipspeak. I don't know much about zipspeak, but someone else might. You have to type something like linux speakup_synth=<synth>, where synth is your synthesizer. For example, if you have dectalk express, you type dectlk for the synthesizer. If you have doubletalk, you would type dtlk instead of dectlk. Hope this helps. 
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  Hi list.  My  name is Ameer Armaly, and I'm a newbe to linux.  I've never successfully loaded linux before, for reasons forgotten.  Anyway, I tried it again, but now I have windows xp which doesn't support real mode dos, so  a boot floppy was needed.  I wrote a bood disk wit windows rawwrite.  It booted with "boot:", after which I hit enter without typing anything.  It sat for about five minutes, saying "mounting root...".  Does anybody know a way to help?  Also, is zipspeak updated to the latest speakup and slackware?
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