pppd error messages

randy turner rturner2 at texasisp.com
Mon Feb 11 20:50:24 EST 2002

it seems that i remember reading that the 2.4.5 kernald has some bugs,

this is a distant memory so i might not be correct on this.


On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Charles Hallenbeck wrote:

> Hi people -
> I wrote a complicated description of my latest puzzler yesterday,
> and today I have more information but no solution yet.
> The errors occur when initiating or terminating a dialup (with
> ppp-go and ppp-off) and seem to refer to a "tdb" database. The
> errors either say "tdb_store failed: success" or "tdb_store
> failed: corrupt database" They are issued amongst the normal
> messages from the ppp-go and ppp-off messages, and now that I am
> once again using my external modem, they do not seem to adversely
> affect the system (knock on wood).
> I am now wondering about another possible cause of these
> messages. A few days ago I upgraded my kernel from the default
> Slackware 8.0 version 2.2.19 to the 2.4.5 kernel which Slackware
> supplies as an alternative and an entry point into the 2.4.X
> series. But I did not reinstall the system, only the kernel and
> modules. I am wondering what other people's experiences might
> have been upgrading from the 2.2.X to the 2.4.X kernels on an
> existing system. The ppp drivers seem much more sophisticated in
> the new series with somewhat different choices available in
> kernel configuration, which makes me wonder if there might be
> something I have overlooked.
> I have scoured the docs and howtos and find only very scant
> mention of the "tdb" database now used by PPP, but no detail at
> all about where it is, what might corrupt it, or why it might not
> be being used correctly. I have written to the maintainer of pppd
> for Linux, whose email address no longer works! Wonderful.
> Before turning to a standard Linux support list, I thought I
> would give you folks one more chance to bail me out with some
> timely wisdom. I need it badly!
> Chuck
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